Yoghurt: History Of A Super Food

Published: 10th March 2011
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Yoghurt is possibly one of the most loved super foods available on the market today. Many people around the world, however aren't keen on it because of its natural taste that does not appeal to them. The good news is that there are many varieties of yoghurt available these days, and it is fast becoming a staple part of our diet.

How did yoghurt come into existence?

Yoghurt has existed for more than four thousand five hundred years . Yoghurts' history originates from central Asia, India, and the central and southern regions of Europe. Yoghurt is now commonly eaten in every part of the world. The main reasons why yoghurt is so popular is that it is extremely healthy, provides a wide variety of nutrional benefits, and is not expensive.

Homemade yoghurt is a lot erent than the store bought variety, which is often highly sweetened, coloured, pasteurised, and pumped with preservatives to increase its shelf life. Due to this, homemade yoghurt is more preferred and is of course, quite nutritious and better for health.

The History of Yoghurt

Evidence shows that yoghurt dates back to 2500 BC. It was discovered accidentally when it was found that milk left in a warmer place for too long turns thick and rancid to become yoghurt. The making of the fermented variation of milk has been observed for more than 1500 years now. It has been speculated that the first known use of yoghurt would be during the pre-Biblical times.

Ancient yoghurt was spontaneously fermented by using wild bacteria that lived on goatskin bags that were used by a nomadic tribe know as the Bulgars. Archaeological evidence shows that these ancient people were quite advanced in the methods they used for agriculture and farming as well as in the field of fermented milk production. The ancient Indians, Egyptians, Sumerians, and Babylonians have also been consuming yoghurt for many hundreds of years.

Although yoghurt has been used in Asia and some of the central and Mediterranean European countries for many thousands of years, it was only during the early part of the last century that suggestions arose about the peasants of Bulgaria, who confirmed the fact that yoghurt consumption could lead to healthy and longer life. This was the first step that turned yoghurt into a super food that offers several health benefits.

Reasons That Made Yoghurt Famous

The many benefits of yoghurt make it one of the most popular super foods or health foods in the world today. For one, it is the richest source of natural calcium, potassium, vitamin B, and B12. Research has also shown that yoghurt assists in the stabalisation of the immune system and has many medicinal properties. This is so because it consists of the essential live culture or bacteria that promote overall health and well-being.

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